Film in the Square

      Camera Man                  " Dave" Accordion

    " Rupert " Fiddle                Ready to shoot 

                   For two cold December days Dave and Rupert were asked to appear in a short film by young film maker Tom Vickers  

            The plot centres around two buskers, George played by Rupert, and Jim  played by Dave.  The first few scenes see George playing his fiddle in          the Square  in Shrewsbury,  but nobody notices  him.   Jim   walks past and sets up his accordion nearby and  soon draws a crowd.  George is not pleased about this, goes round to challenge him and finally pushes him off his stool.  Jim, becoming angry,  sets up his stool in front of George and starts playing  a different tune.   After a while they realise that the tunes have merged and they are playing together. This brings a huge response from the crowd who start applauding and throwing money into the hat.   George and Jim look at each other and shake hands, but when  they realise there is money in the hat, a further argument erupts and the film ends with a scramble to get it.

                    Dave and Rupert are members of The Odd Socks Celildh Band and really enjoyed the experience of appearing in the film which may be shown at the Cinema in the Square and at film festivals around the country.                      

                 Shooting Starts                                    Clapper board

                 Sound man                                                 Crowd Scene

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